Estate Planning Tips and Tricks YOU Need to Know


While it may be a depressing subject, these simple tips will help you ensure your wishes are honoured throughout the estate planning process. We will discuss the estate planning process, the distribution of assets, and we will explain what taxes are applicable when passing on assets. What assets make up an estate Firstly, we need to clarify what assets make up an estate. Estate assets can include things such as real property, shares, cash and interests in assets owned by the deceased or, held as tenants in…

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Useful tips for planning a budget and saving.


Useful tips for planning a budget and saving.   Before you try to structure a budget, you need to understand what type of spending you do. The 3 types of expenses are fixed, variable and impulsive. Fixed costs cover things like rent and your mortgage payments. Generally, these do not change frequently and can be calculated for an extended period. As we all know the costs of everything goes up over time, however, these costs do not fluctuate on a regular basis. Variable costs are…

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